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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My new Home


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Catchin Up

Okay so the phone has finally been fucking fixed but it has yet to rain since said fixin' so we'll see.
Jennifer ( my little sister) had yet another surgery. This time they went in to see if they could figure out where she was leaking spinal fluid (don't ask..it's much too late and I'm not sure I could even tell you why she'd be leaking spinal fluid) My mother says things went well so that was good news.
Work is getting zanier by the day. More new people than you can shake a stick at (some you want to hit with the stick) and work is picking up. Promotions are being given out like condoms at a Bill Clinton rally, hours are being flipped and flopped and in the office they are playing musical cubicles. Crazy stuff. I'll be getting a nice fat job from Liz Claiborne tomorrow or Thursday so that will beef up the ol' paycheck..
We spent some time with our groovy neighbors across the way, Keith and Stacey tonight and when I told Keith I wanted to get a little mountain bike he went into his shed and pulled out a shiny red Cannondale and told me to keep it. He scored it form someone somewhere for next to nothing and if I would do the honor of getting it the heck out of his shed, I could keep it. sweet! Thanks dude.
The weather has been beautiful here...gonna change tomorrow though..rain coming in..again.
gonna go listen to some tunes on the ol' iPod..

oh and the Sox swept the Yanks this weekend in Fenway. Life is good

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why Doth Thou Suck Verizon??

These guys are fucking idiots. I swear to God. We had a prbolem with our phone lines when it rained. We call customer service at least once a week since October. Now, one of the four phones in our house rings when a call comes in. This is progress from yesterday when none of them rang. Now, what the sweet fuck is going on with you morons? You might think a communication giant like Verizon could deal with something such as rain. You would think. It's been raining for how long?? I dunno..the begining of fucking time and you twits can't create a phone line that works when it gets wet?? Mother of Pearl..
Please if anyone reads this blog..please heed these words.drop Verizon like a hot potato. You get crap service for your money and their customer service department sucks like a nine-dollar vacuum cleaner. Fuck..

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Hello..two posts in a week? Yowza!...
anyways..The newest news is Jennofer is home from the hospital and resting. She is happy to be in her own bed and more importantly, to be home with her daughter. Another surgery is planned for May and a dose of some new radiation treatment. Let's hope the radiologist is competent enough to administer it to the correct part of her body.
Work is slow..work is busy wehave no inbetween at my place. Feast or famine. We are under going major changes. We have anew unit head and he is gonna straighten us out. He is a really nice guy and he is a Sox fan too..so good luck to him.
We are getting ourselves a new manager for our department on May 1st. Since our old one left in January, some of the guys in my department are taking advantage of the 'while the cat's away' policy...Frustrating but unless it directly affects me, I couldn't care less.
Forecasters are predicting a massive storm to hit us tonight through Monday. A Nor'Easter. Northern Jersey may even get snow! Better them than us.
I went shopping today for stuff for dinners. I haven't cooked for Herself in some time and this weekend I think Ive got a nice menu planned.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Long Time No See Little Man

yeah yeah...bite me...
since we've spoken last the following has happened. I have fully recovered form my trip to Vegas, Verizon has fucked us up one side and down the other. My boss at work has left (angels singing) and my sister has undergone Brain surgery to remove a tumor.
We have this problem with Verizon. We had DSL and whenever it rained, yes the water from the sky, we could not use our Internet and our phone had such a hum in it you couldn't hear anyone you were talking to. Unless it was Rush Limbaugh. You figure a hi-tech group like Verizon could plan for such a foreseeable thing as rain. But I digress. We called them once a week for three months and they still could not fix our issue. So Herself decides we need to get FiOS. A fiber optic service offered by, umm..Verizon.
The installers were supposed to be here at 9am. My wife took the day off from work. We were first on the list. The knuckleheads didn't show up until 8:10 pm. For a five hour job. I'll give you the shortened version of the events that transpired. They drilled through our outer garage wall into the garage to mount the new box. In doing so they severed our doorbell line. (that story is a whole 'nother entry, believe me..) They were in our attic at midnight, connecting and disconnecting our cable tv service, and when they laid the wire form the road to the house, it came from the underground box and ran ONTOP of the ground to our house. They were supposed to insert said wire into a tube (that was placed underground 6 months ago) and snake it up to our house. The wire is still, a week and a day later, on our lawn and all the wires in our cable box are hanging out. Fuckin' a. Repeated calls to these pinheads have yielded no results. Fuck me.
My little sister Jennifer had brain surgery a few days ago to remove a tumor from her little melon. She had surgery in November to remove one from around her vocal cords and the ass wipes told her it wasn't cancer. We all rejoiced. Then they called her and told her it was indeed cancer. She had to have chemo and eventually, a feeding tube. Recently after an MRI the tumor had come back and spread. The doctor told her not to worry, he was sure it wasn't cancer. So they make her wait TWO MONTHS for her surgery. They get in, remove two-thirds of it and tell her three Pathologists have looked at it and it isn't cancer. We all rejoiced yet again. Guess what?? The fuck-sticks goofed again. It is cancer. And, there is still a mass in her temple encroaching her eye and optic nerves. Fuck... does anybody but me do their fucking jobs right?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

When The Phone Rings That Early, It's Bad News

The other morning as I was getting ready for work, the phone rang and because our friends Debbie and Don are early risers we assumed it was Deb. They get up so early, they get the bird that gets the worm. This is not unusual. Deb usually calls at this time because it's the best time to get my wife. My wife and I exchange looks and say in our sleepy voices "Debbie". I pick up the phone and look at the caller ID. I frown and say "My Mom," I hand the phone over to my wife. I am from the school of thought that if the phone rings between 11pm and 8 am, the news is bad.
My baby sister had recently had a cancerous tumor removed and had undergone radiation and had recently even had a feeding tube put in. Her spirits are good though. My wife spoke and then she bit her lip as she was trying not to cry. I looked at her and went back to making my lunch. I had a sick feeling in my gut. My wife spoke to her for over an hour and I went to work. Right before my shift started, my cell rang. I took a deep breath and answered. My wife told me the cancer was back, bigger and stronger. It had spread. I cannot tell you how sick I felt. I sat on a skid of boxes, away from my arriving coworkers. I did my best to not cry.
I cannot believe this is happening. Although all of my siblings have a neurologial disease and this is one of the possible side affects, I never wanted any of use to experience any of them, especially cancer. Cancer killed my Dad. He carried the gene ( and the disease) we all inherited.
I'm slightly numb. My sister is 33, she has a 7 year old daughter. My sister is adorable. Tiny, little hips , big chest, long hair, nice smile and she's a firecracker. It seems unfair. Of course anyone having cancer is unfair. It seems horrible to hear about someone you know having it, or one of their family. But when it hits your loved ones, it's the worse.
On Wednsday, she will have a MRI and meet immediately with two docs, and possibly a neurosurgeon to determine a treatment course. I hope it will be a good one. I hope it's anything that will help her. More surgery, a clinical program, anything. She is remaining positive. She's upbeat and she has talked with her daughter. The little one knows her momy is sick and has told her 'not to be scared to die, because if she dies she can be with her Daddy again'. Pretty heavy coming from a 7 year old.
I'm going to remain an optimist for as long as I can. I know, unusual for an Irishman. I'm also smart enough to know she's in for a fight and I'll continue to pray for some kind of miracle

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Lovely One and Meself in Vegas